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2024 Legislative Summaries

AB 1947 – Dual Language Learners Professional Development: This bill takes another crucial step in implementing the recommendations from the Governor’s Master Plan for Early Learning and Care by ensuring that California’s State Preschool Programs staff are provided adequate time to receive professional training for educating and supporting dual language learners.

Sponsors: Early Edge California, and Californians Together

AB 2364 – End Janitor Exploitation and Abuse Act: This bill seeks to end janitor exploitation and abuse in the workplace by creating an advisory committee to develop proposed regulations establishing standards in the janitorial industry.

Sponsors:Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and SEIU-United Services Workers West (SEIU-USWW)

AB 2377 – PE Religious Fasting Accommodations: This bill seeks to provide accommodations for K-12 students practicing religious fasting by offering a modified exercise regimen or academic assignments related to physical education during their fast.

Sponsor: Council on American-Islamic Relations

AB 2400 – Tax Incentives for Green Manufacturers: This bill seeks to extend the Sales and Tax Exclusion program for manufacturers of green technology to January 1, 2031.

Sponsor: California State Treasurer

AB 2468 – Child Witnesses of Domestic Violence: This bill makes it easier for children who witness violence against their parent or caregiver to be eligible to receive victim and mental health resources from the state by establishing that mental suffering undoubtedly occurs when a child witnesses violence.

Sponsor: Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office

AB 2502 – Streamlining Homeless Housing Projects: This bill would allow local governments to streamline the construction of homeless housing projects, including permanent supportive housing, interim housing, and hotel and motel conversions to combat the state’s homeless crisis.

Sponsor: Los Angeles County

AB 2595 – Summer Caregiver Meal Pilot Program: This bill seeks to combat household hunger during the summer by creating a state-funded Summer Food Service Pilot Program at public libraries to serve meals to parents and caregivers of children who utilize the federal summer meal program to expand participation rates.

Sponsor: California Association of Food Banks

AB 2738 – Strengthening Live Event Safety Enforcement: This bill seeks to protect live event stage production workers by increasing the transparency of contract agreements between entertainment vendors and public venues. It aims to enforce existing safety requirements and verify that stage crews being hired are properly trained.

Sponsors: California Labor Federation, and International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)

AB 3043 – Silicosis Prevention Act: This bill seeks to prevent countertop workers from contracting silicosis by mandating additional worker protections on top of state regulations. These includecomprehensive training, industry licensing, stricter enforcement against bad actors, and evaluation of the effectiveness of state standards. AB 3043 also requires an assessment of an outright ban on artificial stones if regulations drafted by CalOSHA are ineffective at protecting workers and silicosis cases in the industry continue to occur.

Sponsor: California State Building and Construction Trades Council

AB 3242 – Cutting the Red Tape: These bills seek to create the Commission on Cutting the Red Tape, which will be composed of five Governor Appointees and business industry experts who will identify policies and regulations in every sector of government that can be streamlined or eliminated to implement long-term cost-savings for the state and private businesses.

Sponsor: Author

ACR 130 – Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day: This measure proclaims February 22, 2024, as Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.

Sponsor: American Council of Engineering Companies