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Assemblywoman Luz Rivas Strengthens Plastics Reduction Legislation Senate Bill 54

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO – Today, Assemblywoman Luz Rivas (D-San Fernando Valley), Chair of the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources, passed SB 54 (Allen, 2022) out of committee following months of discussions with stakeholders and environmental advocates to address the growing plastic pollution crisis.

“Plastic pollution is at an environmental tipping point. Our planet and fragile ecosystems can no longer withstand the current plastics pollution trajectory. The impacts it has on our oceans, rivers, parks, playgrounds, and food sources can no longer be ignored,” said Assemblywoman Luz Rivas. “The amendments proposed by my committee have further strengthened SB 54 when it comes to eliminating plastics from our communities. I would like to thank my colleague, Senator Ben Allen, for working with me to ensure California enacts the strongest plastic pollution prevention bill in the nation.”

“California leads in so many critical areas – from protecting environmental resources to public health. A looming state ballot measure pushed stakeholders and the Legislature to take the plastic pollution crisis seriously, sparking a historic negotiation between major environmental and business communities,” said Senator Ben Allen (D – Santa Monica), author of SB 54. “I appreciate Chair Luz Rivas’ dedication to strengthening this legislative solution of a producer-responsibility approach to plastics, with crucial accountability guardrails and the specificity and predictability that Californians need and deserve.”

Assemblywoman Luz Rivas proudly represents the 39th Assembly District, which includes the City of Los Angeles communities of Arleta, Lake View Terrace, Granada Hills, Mission Hills, North Hollywood, Pacoima, Sun Valley, Sunland-Tujunga, Sylmar, and the City of San Fernando.